Black Students Sue Their School Over Blocked Confederate Flag Protest

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A group of Black high school students in Georgia is suing their school after they were blocked from protesting against the Confederate flags displayed on campus.

Students at Coosa High School in Floyd County filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday (May 17) against the school district and school board members accusing them of "overt bigotry and animosity by some white students and teachers against African American students."

Part of that alleged "overt bigotry" includes multiple Confederate flag displays at the high school and incidents where white students reenacted the murder of George Floyd and posted it to social media. The students' lawsuit also claims a white student brought a whip to school and told a Black student "we used to whip you."

The students, joined by their mothers in the suit, also allege unfair punishment at the school where Black students can't wear "Black Lives Matter" t-shirts but white students can wear apparel with the Confederate flag.

Floyd County Superintendent Glenn White says the District will dispute the students' and parents' claims and "looks forward to presenting the facts on this situation in court."

Coosa High School is located in northwest Georgia in the state's 14th Congressional District currently represented by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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