'N-word Lives Don't Matter': Black Man's Home Vandalized With Racial Slurs

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Vandals spray-painted racial slurs and destroyed property at a Black couple's home in Raleigh, North Carolina, ABC 11 reports.

A neighbor of Matt Moore found the racist vandalism while on a morning walk in the Renaissance Park community.

"[N-word] lives don't matter," the spray paint read on the sidewalk in front of Moore's home.

Vandals also destroyed a sign in Moore's front yard.

"I feel like people have recently been empowered to say the quiet part out loud and not pay a price for it," Moore said of the incident.

Moore added that the vandalism didn't come as a "surprise" because his Black Lives Matter sign had been stolen on multiple occasions in the past two years.

As of Thursday (August 4), no one has been arrested for the latest incident.

Neighbors of Moore said they are planning to "double-down" and put similar signs in their yard in solidarity with the Black couple.

"We're going to double-down. Everyone is going to have a sign exactly like Matt's. Some of us are doing double signs," fellow Renaissance Park community member Amy Crum said.

"That's what the community is about. We're all bout inclusion, pro-inclusion, pro-everybody matters and everybody should be here," neighbor Matt Jorgenson added.

The neighbors are also planning to match Moore's $500 donation to the Black Voters Matter fund made in honor of the vandals.

"Whoever did this, this ones on you," Moore said. "Congratulations."

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