Will Barack Obama Become NBA Owner? Here's What We Know

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Former President Barack Obama's next venture may involve NBA ownership.

On a recent podcast episode, Charles Barkley joined host Bill Simmons to discuss the future of the Phoenix Suns and its ownership now that the team is up for grabs.

Simmons dropped some alleged information that got the sports world talking — Obama may be "involved in one of the groups" seeking to buy the Suns, per NBC Sports.

“The days of somebody being able to put in a little amount of money and run the team, those days are over… The one guy who might pull it off and I heard, I’m probably breaking some news here, but I heard Obama is involved in one of the groups. And that’s the one guy who I feel like would make him the actual face, and the money guys would be so happy to have him in the front,” Simmons said on his podcast.

If the rumor is true, the former president would most likely be a minority owner within the group looking to purchase the team.

Current Suns owner Robert Sarver announced that he was selling the team amid reports and allegations that he fostered a toxic work environment, sexually harassed employees, and repeatedly said the N-word. Estimated costs of buying the team climb above $3 billion.

On Thursday (October 27), Suns head coach Monty Williams shared his thoughts with reporters on Obama potentially joining the team's ownership group.

"I don't tend to make comments about speculation, but I think anybody would value a partnership with someone like that," Williams said. "For me, as an African-American, even though you may have differences of opinions on certain views politically, whatever that looks like, someone that's been through those kinds of experiences from a leadership standpoint, I would love to just pick his brain and just sit and listen for hours about life and decisions and things like that. So, I've heard that, also, but it's hard to speculate on that, cause I'm so locked in on the season."

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