PETA Urges Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell To Make 'Good Burger 2' Vegan

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PETA is urging Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to make Good Burger "the home of vegan burger" ahead of the film's upcoming sequel.

The animal rights organization announced on Wednesday (March 22) that it sent a letter to the Good Burger stars, requesting they use their influence to change the fictional burger joint's menu to be sustainable and animal friendly, per a press release.

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the vegan burger—can I take your order?” That’s what we at PETA have in mind for Good Burger 2,” writes PETA Associate Director Lauren Thomasson in a letter to Thompson and Mitchell. “Some things (like beef patties) are better left in the ’90s, and if Good Burger has any hope of surviving new competition in 2023, its menu will abundantly feature animal-free offerings, including meat-free burgers, dairy-free shakes, and, of course, a special secret vegan sauce.”

PETA's letter comes after Thompson and Mitchell confirmed last week that a Good Burger sequel was in the works.

“We’re gonna shoot it this summer and it’ll be out soon," the duo told Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show.

The original Good Burger sketch first appeared on Nickelodeon's All That in 1994 with Thompson as Dexter and Mitchell as Ed. The skit was later made into a film that debuted over 25 years ago in July 1997.

PETA, an organization that goes by the motto “animals are not ours to eat," strongly believes that the fictional restaurant should follow suit with popular chains, including Carl’s Jr., Johnny Rockets, and TGI Fridays, and put vegan burgers on the menu.

"Given that the meat and dairy industries are causing the senseless suffering of billions of animals, destroying the planet, and wreaking havoc on human health, would you, Kenan and Kel, please use your influence to ensure that the sequel promotes kindness and sustainability with an all-vegan restaurant in the film?" Monday's letter asks.

Find PETA's full letter to the Good Burger stars here.

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